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Around the World in 80 Days

Game scenario is based on the book and movies with the same title.

The game begins in the office of a explorer-inventor, who hides in it the information necessary to find a figure of the golden Buddha, hidden somewhere far, far away, perhaps on another continent. Your goal is to pack for the journey, get inside a mysterious means of transport and embark on a journey that will last for 80 days. Are you up for the adventure? Gather your travel buddies and come for a around the world journey with us!

Game in numbers:

  • 0 physical padlocks (next generation game),
  • >500 m of cables used,
  • >15 puzzles,
  • 6 months of preparations, building and tweaking the room,
  • few thousand lines of code for electronics behind the puzzles and props.

Check what our customer think of this room:

We played 'around the world in 80 days'. The room was really entertaining and the staff was kind


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180 PLN / group
Groups between 2 and 6 persons
60 minutes of fun
Difficulty (3/5)
Adventure room, recommended for larger groups (3+ people) and groups with children

Recording studio

In the recording studio you and your mates will become a young rock band, with a promising future. Your music producer asked you to come to the studio, because the deadline for releasing your new album is near and you don’t have a single song ready yet. When you arrived to the studio it turned out that the producer is gone, but he left you a message… You have 60 minutes to find out what happened. You will face a series of puzzles on the way, which not only require perceptivity and cleverness, but also a good sense of hearing.

If you ever dreamed about becoming a rock star and making a career in music, in our recording studio your dream will come true!

Check what our customer think of this room:

I did the recording studio room with my partner and we really enjoyed it. Our host was very friendly and gave us the perfect level of help to make sure we still had to work to escape!
Would definitely recommend this room and think it is doable with a group of 2 or more!

v0621 (from UK)TripAdvisor

We had so much fun in recording studio room. The host was great and his english is good. We managed to escape with few hints (we are room escape begginers).
The group photo in the end is nice bonus. We are definitely trying other rooms next time se are in Varsav

136majat (from Croatia)TripAdvisor

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150 PLN / group
Groups between 2 and 5 persons
60 minutes of fun
Difficulty (3/5)

Mission: Hacker

You are a group of the best hackers in the world. Until now, you were working on your own. Today it will change. Government’s agency for fighting cyberterrorism has offered you a top secret mission. It is the matter of  global security. There is a new hackers group in the darknet wich wants to bring information chaos and steal data about all citizens. From what you were told so far, the attack is going to involve a virus. You have 60 minutes to stop the virus and save the world.

Check what our customer think of this room:

Absolutely fantastic room. We did the Hacker Room and it was our first game completed out of five. The staff were funny, friendly and helpful. You MUST try this room.

kathyf734 (from UK)TripAdvisor

Me and girl had a blast in the hacker room! Didn't manage to solve the puzzle but would definitely come back and try a different room next time we're in Warsaw

Erik NTripAdvisor

We went there to try an Escape Room for the first time. Did not really have any expectations, and my friends weren't even that interested. But oh Boy!

Langsokkur (from Iceland)TripAdvisor

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150 PLN / group
Groups between 2 and 5 persons
60 minutes of fun
Difficulty (3/5)

Communism room

Have you ever wondered what it looked like to live in Poland in the communism times? In our Communism room you will go for a journey to the times without Internet, smartphones or social media, where you will have to solve a series of puzzles. Will you solve them and escape in 60 minutes? Book a free spot and enjoy the journey in time to communism Warsaw in the late 80’s!

Check what our customer think of this room:

Great experience with my friends. The communist room was very good. The guy was very nice. You absolutely must try


Boyfriend and I went for a visit. He had never tried it before so we took the “easiest” one. We had a blast!! Just hard enough- even though we need many tips on the way haha. The stuff was really nice and did not judge us when we got stuck on some clue. Definitely recommend!


We are traveling for fun and decided to try the Communist Room with the kids, wonderful experience to find out we are a good functioning family in pressing times 😀 Great experience! Highly recommended!

Anxhela CTripAdvisor

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120 PLN / group
Groups between 2 and 4 persons
60 minutes of fun
Difficulty (2/5)